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Pet Reptile Care Sheets
Bosc Monitors

Bosc or Savannah Monitors (Varanus Exanthematicus) are an African species of monitor, which ranges from Senegal to Eritrea.
Bosc Monitors Reptile Care Sheet
They are considered to be one of the best monitors as a pet because of their moderate size, attractive appearance and, above all, their general amenability to handling. Boscs generally grow up to about 3ft in length and can live in captivity for 10-15 years.

Boscs are ground dwelling animals and require a minimum floor area of one and a half times their snout to vent (s/v) length, one times the length of the animal in width and one times the s/v in height.

Because of the potential size and weight of boscs, cage furnishings should be stout. Boscs come from hot arid areas and a dry substrate is require such as beech chip. Additionally, a hide or shelter should also be made available.

Also, a medium sized water dish should be included, which must be changed frequently as boscs often defecate in water.

Young boscs are insectivorous and can be maintained on house crickets and mealworms with the occasional pinkie or fuzzy. Adults will also feed on hoppers and locusts and small/medium rodents.

Particularly with young boscs, it is critical that their food is supplemented with a calcium/vitamin supplement. This is achieved by dusting the crickets with the supplement prior to feeding.

Once the bosc is accepting rodents, it will gain the calcium it requires from the bones of it's prey.

On Receipt Of Your Bosc Monitor
Always ensure that your vivarium is set up at the right temperature before introducing the bosc. Offer it both food and water, but don't expect it to feed immediately as it may be stressed from its journey and will need time to acclimatise.

Please only take the information given in any of our caresheets as general advice. They may not provide an exact answer to your particular reptiles problem and are to act as a general guide and 'heads-up' to keeping reptiles.

We cannot be held responsible for any problems your reptile encounters following the reading of these pages.

Pet Reptile Care Sheets

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